We are Black Ops. We design, build and market conversational apps.

We build bots that convert 💪

As a tech-first agency, we use the most effective technologies (including our own frameworks) to create superior quality conversational interfaces that deliver real results.

Services for Bots 🤖

We offer a set of services catered specifically for bot creation. As one of the earliest in the space, we have worked to educate agencies and brands on the value of chatbots, and perfected the art of advertising for maximum ROI. Bots are what we do best, so it's all we do.

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Bots are a new platform with unique needs, so a strategy that works for mobile or web won't always work for bots. We've developed an interactive strategy session for our clients that covers goal identification, bot anatomy, and prototyping. Plus, you get to hangout with us 💀.

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Conversion Scripting

We want to design experiences that make bots feel like a user's best friend, so it has to talk like it. We work with our clients to make sure their brand voice is translated to the bot, then take the dialog and experience to new heights with advanced user flows. Afterall, bots have feelings too.

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We develop bots with complex, proprietary functionalities. This includes integration with core business APIs and other advanced features. All of our bots are HIPAA compliant and can be deployed to all major messaginging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Message, KIK, Slack, and Skype. You want it? We got it.

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Media Buy

Customer acquisition with bots is a completely new form of advertising. We are masters in setting up, programming and launching advertising campaigns that convert higher with bots. Because of this, we're able to deliver the real ROI of chatbots for brands.

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